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Auckland locksmithing as well as security products and services. Our core business revolves around locksmiths in Auckland who are experienced and highly skilled. They care about doing the job well and are not being rushed from job to job like some the others in the business. Doing the job Accurately means fixing the problem the right way without over-charging the customer. Good service at a fair price is our mantra. In addition to commercial locksmith services, we have an electronic security team that handles electronic access control systems businesses and larger homes. We also have an automotive team, the Silver Team, that handles car keys, transponder keys, remotes, car locks, padlocks, security bars, bollards — pretty much anything you would need to secure your property or fix your car keys or locks.
Our services include security engineering, locksmith services in the Auckland area, and key cutting.


At Accurate locksmiths, we take a holistic approach to business locksmithing and security rather than a product-centric approach.  Each situation is different and our goal is to cost effectively reduce security risks.   Our security engineers will assess your situation and provide solutions to cost effectively protect your business from thieves as well as improve efficiencies through better communication and internal visibility.


Schools, health sector and other government work.  Accurate Locksmithing & Security is a service provider to prominent institutions and is fully compliant with both health and safety regulations, as well as security clearance requirements for employees who need to work in sensitive areas.  Accurate Locksmithing is a fully accredited and licensed security industry provider.


Management of facility lock maintenance or installation needs for customers with nationwide retail networks.  We can manage your facility needs and reduce costs and time spent organizing locksmiths for your shops or stations no matter where they are located.  Our technicians are Site Safe Certified and vetted on an annual basis by the NZ Police.


Keep the bad guys out and let the right one’s in with our range of security products.  Accurate’s product range includes traditional locks, keys as well as steel products such as doors, bollards roller shutters. We offer full service key cuting and also offer electronic solutions such as access control systems.

Company Profile

Accurate Locksmithing & Security Engineering is an Auckland based company with a full service shop and factory in South Auckland (42c Lambie Drive, Manukau) and numerous mobile locksmiths and security technicians in fully equipped vans that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve Auckland when a locksmith or security engineer is required.

What do Nestle, Watercare, the Ministry of Justice and the NZ Police have in common? They all use Accurate for their locksmithing and security needs. You can too!

We company and technicians are certified by the Ministry of Defense for their work so you can rely on our integrity and standards.
Accurate is a Living Wage Company that is known in the industry as a great place to work. We are supporters of environmental causes and charity causes such as Sea Shepherd, Oxfam and Unicef

New Zealand Security Association

We are known for our attention to detail (being Accurate is a serious goal), fair pricing, and service culture. Our locksmiths and technicians are some of the best in Auckland and New Zealand. We are not a franchise but an indepently operated company that has been around since 1983.

Accurate serves the following areas in Auckland when a locksmith or technician is required:

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