Australian Lock Company Galaxy

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Australian Lock Company Galaxy is the most recent addition to the range of high security master key systems designed, manufactured & distributed by Australian Lock Company

Using the very latest engineering & manufacturing techniques & using the highest quality materials, Galaxy provides a revolutionary approach to high security locking systems. With subtle technical improvements & considered design, Galaxy offers a host of previously unseen attributes to benefit the end-user & locksmith alike.

Galaxy is designed & built for convenience whilst maximising security & offering an enormous depth of possible lock combinations.

Its streamline design eliminates the need for tumbler pins &/or coded discs to create permutations. Galaxy’s custom designed & built Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machine simultaneously cuts both the key & codebar which dramatically increases production efficiency.

Only authorised Galaxy licensees can design, build & maintain Galaxy restricted master key systems. The Galaxy CNC machine will only operate with the compatible software module authorised by Australian Lock Company. Details of all master key systems designed & built are purged form the CNC machine as soon as keys & codebars are cut. These system details are stored externally providing further security for all parties.

Galaxy’s extensive product range makes retrofitting existing locks simple & recombinating quick & easy.

Galaxy’s stainless steel key comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage & is available in 21 different key head colours. The key is also available in 3 different orientations making it virtually 3 locks in 1.

The durability of Galaxy is unquestioned with keys & cylinders having been tested to 1,000,000 cycles. Internal components use high quality metal injected moulded manufacturing techniques whilst sidebars & anti-drill components are made from high speed steel.

Galaxy also offers both the end-user & locksmith significant legal protection with patents valid until 2024. If you are interested in Galaxy or other Australian Lock Company products, call Accurate on (09) 262 3955.