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“July is French Wine Month” Proves Too Attractive For Customers

Want to see why you retail shop needs bollards? Check out these ram raid damages at Glengarry Wines An Auckland security guard has been injured in one of two ram-raid incidents this week. Police are investigating two separate incidents in … Read more


One can get a more serious sentence in the US for killing cats than one gets for murder in NZ? Just a question. So, as a dual US/NZ citizen living in NZ, I have often been struck by both the severity of sentencing in the US and the leniency of sentencing in New Zealand. For example, notorious murderer Mark Lundy initially received … Read more


Six ways your iPhone or iPad could get p0wn3d: What to watch out for and how to stay safe

This is an article that is short and takes you through the reasons iPhones and iPads are more resistant to malware.  But it also lists the ways that you could run into problems. You may have heard that iPhones and … Read more


Hey Assa and Salto – Where are your cloud products to compete with Isonas? Not here yet? We are waiting. Would be nice to have.

ISONAS Celebrates Anniversary of Taking Pure IP™ Access Control to the Cloud News & Education » Articles ISONAS, a leading Pure IP™ access control system manufacturer, today announced that the company will be releasing Pure Access 2.2 in May 2017, … Read more

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