How automated gate openers are helping businesses reduce loss to theft

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Given cultural similarities and criminal movement between Australia and New Zealand, we find that articles on Australian crime topics are relevant for companies in New Zealand.

Any establishment is vulnerable to theft and pilferage. Regardless of your nature of business – industrial, commercial or retail – you are not immune to theft. What can help minimise this vulnerability is to have better understanding of how to protect your property so that your revenue or profitability is not impacted.

Businesses continue to face increasing challenges and losses from theft because of several factors including reduced investment in loss prevention methods, the perception that pilfering is a low risk/ non-offensive crime, and the ease of sale of stolen goods online. It’s a fact that losses due to theft are an avoidable chunk of revenue that could be impacting your bottom-line.

A study by the Australian Institute of Criminology highlighted access control as an important tool for businesses to incorporate into their crime prevention strategy. Access control aims to increase the effort and level of difficulty associated with committing an offence, usually through the alteration of the physical environment or surroundings.

This can be achieved using automated internal and external gates or barriers, which are a proven and highly effective method of controlling entry, preventing unauthorised access, and managing security.

Crimes against small businesses are a matter of concern across the world. Australia has over 1.9 million small businesses and proportionally, there are more crimes committed against businesses than households, the most common being burglary followed by theft. Australian Federal Police statistics show workplace theft costs Australian businesses about $1.5 billion a year.

Commercial environments such as industrial yards, warehouses or business premises that are prone to theft can use an automated gate as an effective and efficient solution. Heavy-duty swing gates and sliding gates controlled using an automatic gate opener, which is teamed with a remote control, keycard or keypad options can prevent access for unauthorised vehicles and potential burglars.

Depending on the nature of your business, automatic boom gates may provide a better alternative to swing or sliding gates as they allow for fast vehicle access while enabling security guards to manage stock control at exit points.

Full height turnstiles are also increasingly being installed by businesses that seek a high level of pedestrian security for visitors while being able to record time and attendance of employees. Combined with an anti-climb mesh and a card reader, a full height turnstile is a highly effective method of restricting access.

Automatic gate openers also reduce the potential for opportunistic crime caused, for example, by staff forgetting to close the gate after entering or exiting the premises. Such human errors can be reduced by installing an automated gate opener with an adjustable automatic close timer that minimises the time available to pass through the gate, making it difficult for unauthorised access. With these gate openers, you won’t need to worry about entry points being accidentally left wide open for thieves.

There’s no need to worry even in the event of a power failure since automatic gate openers can be operated via a battery pack, providing peace of mind.

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