Maffetone – MAF Method

  Martin Gruebele embodies the theory and practice behind the MAF Method. If success is more science than mystery, Martin Gruebele may be the living proof. The 52-year-old German-born physical chemist and biophysicist won the masters title in cycling’s 2014 … Read more

Chocolate Drink as Replacement for Alcohol

What strikes me is this – I don’t think a company like Cadbury (a company we advised on acquisitions in China) could have been run by a non-religious drinker of alcohol (I mention alcohol because of the social ills caused … Read more

From – I Run Far

Note the inclusion of individuals in medical fields who have limited windows of training opportunities. “I was first introduced to two-a-days (also known as doubles) in high school, though I wasn’t the one doing them – our top runner was. … Read more

White Paper: Carbohydrate Intolerance

White Paper: Carbohydrate Intolerance – Its Implications in Health and Fitness By Dr. Phil MaffetoneJune 20, 2016White Papers 2 Comments 2 DOWNLOAD AS A PDF Perhaps the most common cause of low quality of life, accelerated aging and chronic … Read more