I didn’t realise Google was scanning emails. Call me naive.

Read this. SAN FRANCISCO — Google plans to abandon its longstanding practice of scanning user email in its Gmail service to serve targeted advertising. Google said it does not scan the email of paying corporate customers of its G Suite … Read more

Hackers using Twitter and other social media apps for intrusion

SAN FRANCISCO — It took only one attempt for Russian hackers to make their way into the computer of a Pentagon official. But the attack didn’t come through an email or a file buried within a seemingly innocuous document. A … Read more

What You Can Do If Border Agents Want To Search Your Phone – Privacy

We live in an age when it is increasingly difficult to know what your rights are, with regard to digital privacy.  The following article is from the New York Times.   “Haisam Elsharkawi was about to travel from Los Angeles … Read more