One can get a more serious sentence in the US for killing cats than one gets for murder in NZ? Just a question. So, as a dual US/NZ citizen living in NZ, I have often been struck by both the severity of sentencing in the US and the leniency of sentencing in New Zealand. For example, notorious murderer Mark Lundy initially received … Read more

France using Golden Eagles to Fight Drones

“Terrorists are building drones. France is destroying them with eagles. By Avi Selk February 21 France trains eagles to attack and destroy drones Embed Share Play Video0:31 The French Air Force is training eagles from a young age to snatch … Read more

Freedom Boat Sails

Gordon Gregg, one of the owners of Accurate, embarks on a sailing trip!

Malware is making ATMs ‘spit cash’

Maffetone – MAF Method

  Martin Gruebele embodies the theory and practice behind the MAF Method. If success is more science than mystery, Martin Gruebele may be the living proof. The 52-year-old German-born physical chemist and biophysicist won the masters title in cycling’s 2014 … Read more