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Kisi Debuts Complete Redesign of Door Access Control Systems
Kisi Debuts Complete Redesign of Door Access Control Systems
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Kisi Introduces a Complete Redesign of Door Access Control Systems — Kisi has engineered a new physical access control system to give the right people, the right authorized access.
March 16, 2017 — Kisi Inc., the leading manufacturer of commercial access control technologies, today introduced Kisi Pro, a streamlined way for businesses to manage authorized access and monitor physical security. Kisi engineers have completely redesigned door keycard systems; a technology developed in the 1980s that has not seen much innovation since. The system offers centralized key management software, a powerful new door controller which is capable of connecting to all building doors, and a patented new proximity reader compatible with mobile and key card credentials. Kisi Pro is now available in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia.

“When we looked under the microscope at physical access control systems, we realized how fragmented and outdated they were. Our vision for Kisi was to develop a unified, modern, and more secure system that creates a better experience for both administrators and key holders. And that’s precisely what we’ve done,” said Bernhard Mehl, Co-Founder of Kisi. “We’re proud to stand behind our product from our assembly line all the way to securely unlocking your door from our app or our new NFC key card technology.”

Reliable & Powerful Door Control

The K-8000 door controller features a new board that creates a reliable connection to the cloud. The device also tracks exits in Kisi Analytics, allows managers to see whether their doors are open or closed from anywhere, and is equipped with power inputs and outputs to streamline installations, making servicing the device simpler and quicker than ever. Controllers are connected to the cloud by ElectricImp chips known for their efficient IoT connection, high security, and seamless scalability.

An Awesome Access Experience

New Kisi Passes provide an awesome and secure access solution that is easy to use for everyone in the office. The key cards come equipped with NFC, a protocol which provides a more secure communication than RFID which is used for most badges and key cards today.

“Before, an office manager would have to track down key cards, RFID tags, traditional keys, and even manage mobile passes,” explains Kyle Milley, Operations Manager at Kisi. “Now all those keys can be organized, provisioned, and de-provisioned in one central software.”

Coming later this year, the Kisi Pro Proximity Reader 2.0 will read the new NFC Kisi Passes as well as the Kisi Mobile Bluetooth Credentials. The updated Proximity Reader will connect via ethernet to provide the fastest hands-free unlock experience available.

Technology to Build Upon

The new API will expand Kisi’s use into new management areas around the office by making it easy to integrate with other software and apps. Kisi’s API helps developers easily build their apps to work with Kisi for unlocking doors, managing employee keys, provisioning keys, and monitoring traffic in and out of the office. Integrations are already available with coworking space member management platforms Cobot and Nexudus, video intercom app Ring Doorbell, and team messaging service Slack.

“Initially we tried to integrate with large players in the industry but we realized their interfaces are outdated and actually prohibitive to new vendors,” explains Carl Pfeiffer, CTO at Kisi. “With Kisi’s public API the modern IT manager can integrate door control just like any other SaaS tool they use.”

A Full-Service Access System, the First of Its Kind

Designed for IT Managers in the modern office who demand easy integration with their existing infrastructure, Kisi Pro provides seamless scalability for provisioning keys and hands-off maintenance for their front door security system.

“The status quo in the access industry is long turnaround times on installation, middlemen locksmiths who service systems, and no direct point of contact for the end user,” explains Kyle Milley, Operations Manager at Kisi. “We’re here to change that. We’re even using Uber Rush, where available, to get clients up-and-running in a fraction time compared to the industry average.”