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Commercial security

Since 1983, Accurate has been helping companies, schools and government institutions make smart decisions about all elements of security engineering.
The security engineering process at Accurate:

  1. The process begins with defining functional and user security engineering requirements. Accurate’s technicians work with property managers, security managers or architects to define functional and user requirements for buildings and their access points (i.e. doors and gates). If a security policy exists, then the requirements of this policy will be included into the design of the system.

  2. The process continues with a discussion of the budget available for the security engineering improvements. In many cases there are a range of solutions. Lower cost / lower tech solutions often exist that can achieve the goals of the business, school or government entity.

  3.  With the completion of the survey and discussion on budget available, a system outline and cost estimate is provided for consideration.

  4. The process continues with installation and project execution.

  5. Maintenance marks the last phase of the process. Accurate guarantees all work and is committed to ensuring the system meets or exceeds all specified requirements.

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