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I like the colour Blue. It stands for Liberty. Freedom. It is the colour of the sky and for New Zealand, much of our flag is blue with stars to remind of the cosmos. The Southern Cross features prominently.
Then there is red. The colour of blood spilt during the revolution. The Chinese like red but it takes up too much space on their flag I think. Their stars are yellow. What does that mean? They need some blue on the flag that is for sure.
The entire West Coast and Eastern Seaboard of the United States, save for South Carolina and Georgia, are now shades of blue according to my go to poll of poll resource the Princeton Election Consortium. http://www.270towin.com/maps/princeton-election-consortium
Colorado, New Mexico, the Great Lakes states are all shades of Blue.
And you know what? This pretty much provides a guide to where you would want to travel in the United States.
Utah may be an exception as Moab and Zion are great places and the Mormons have a sense of decency that requires the rejection of Drumpfism.
As a person from Oklahoma I feel a bit traitorous not including the state in a US travel guide, but you know what? A state that doesn’t have a single county voting for our current Great Leader in the past election does not deserve to be on a list of places to visit. Prayer Hands of Oral Roberts? The only time I visited this attraction was in High School at 2 am. We added dishwashing soap for bubbles and swam in the shallow “River of Life” around the hands until the security guards arrived. But perhaps this is why my life has been so blessed? These days I doubt you can do this without getting shot or tasered. That is another issue that we won’t unwind here.
Sorry Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dekota, Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Indiana, Iowa, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. You are all red or pink and are not making my Blue America Travel Guide that I am compiling now for the Chinese and others who want to see the current beta version of America.

For the red and pink states we are planning a safari type helicopter tour of Primitive America that will include fly-overs of swamps and grasslands. But the viability is still being determined. Our market research is inconclusive at this stage. Does our target market, tourists to the US, have an interest in American Primitivism? That is the question.