Diet of Mr. Olympia

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“He eats six or seven meals a day. He is divorced, but he has found in Cremona someone who will do his food shopping and meal preparation, on top of being a travel partner and business adviser. She spends $1,000 or more a week on his food, mostly at Whole Foods, and spends roughly six hours a day in the kitchen.
Daily, Heath usually eats five to six pounds of protein-rich meats — filet mignon, chicken, turkey, salmon and tilapia, mostly. He consumes up to 75 grams of carbohydrates in the form of grits or oatmeal, white or brown rice, and various types of potatoes, including sweet potatoes. Mornings might bring 16 ounces of scrambled egg whites. He tries to drink two gallons of water a day. His off-season weight usually reaches 275 pounds or more, still chiseled.
“The issue is how does my body assimilate to various proteins, carbs and fats?” Heath said.”