Four ways business-owners can modernize their #buildings

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This is a general article on steps that can be taken to moderize a building. It is fairly general, but still worth a scan.

"Four ways business-owners can modernize their #buildings
Sponsored Post | March 23, 2017
Modern buildings have modern solutions to solve problems such as energy usage and to save water. Perhaps a more important aspect of a modernized building is to provide security features which don’t allow people who have no reason to be there to simply wander around. Such security measures are often associated with public buildings such as courthouses or property records storage, but can also be useful in private buildings.

Although some office buildings may need to allow for appointments with clients, others are not open to the general public. Some buildings may have specific areas that require security clearance to enter, others may be open at times for tours but otherwise closed to the public.

Each of these situations require the building to incorporate safety features beyond simple locks and security guards to allow access while maintaining security.


Turnstiles are a simple means of letting people know an area they aren’t supposed to enter without special permission. Of course, turnstiles aren’t the most secure system available as they can be bypassed by someone who wants to get by, but they generally keep honest people in places they are allowed to be and have many benefits for the building. When someone is watching, although a turnstile can be hopped over it’s pretty clear whoever is trying to enter the space isn’t supposed to be there and needs to be stopped from progressing any further.

REA ticket admission system

In conjunction with a turnstile or other entryway, an REA ticket admission system provides a means of maintaining a secure area from potential intruders. Whether it is a ticket only access or if some people need daily access, the system reads their tickets in any number of formats and allows the person to enter. The system can be programmed to work with one-time ticket passes or multiple use tickets as needed by the event or space to be entered.

Access control systems

Door access control systems provide even more security to a modern building than turnstiles and ticket admission systems by providing for long term access to people who need it, and is programmable to cut off their access to the space when it becomes outdated. By incorporating a number pad, someone who, for example, works in the building can memorise a PIN number which allows them to come and go as needed.

When the person leaves the job, their PIN number is erased from the system and they no longer have access. The system can also prevent someone with daytime access during the normal work week from entering the building at inappropriate times, and if it is used to leave the building as well can maintain a real-time list of who is physically in the building at any given time. Such a system not only provides security, but safety to the tenants in the case of an emergency as first responders can evaluate who is in the building and where they should be rescued from.

Port ACC

Portable Access Control (Port ACC) provides temporary security with a moveable area to restrict public access to ticket or cardholders who are authorised to enter a space. Whether it’s a weeklong event or a yearlong project such as a construction site, the Port ACC can be customised to needs of the host with turnstiles or revolving doors in conjunction with ticket admission systems or access control systems.

Further, the Port ACC provides a room for security guards to oversee the entry process without the hassle of checking each person’s qualifications individually. Often such sites don’t require heavy security but instead need a deterrent to keep nosy intruders out so the people who need to enter can do their jobs. In other cases, in which a higher level of security is justified the Port ACC unit can be setup to exercise tighter restrictions according to the credentials displayed by the people who need to enter.

In today’s world, security is more important than ever before and fortunately building modernisation solutions are up to the task to make security as simple as possible while being unobtrusive to the people who pass security clearance. There is no reason for people to stand in line being individually checked by a security guard just to get to their daily job."