Get ready for the future and be glad for long range RFID

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The below article is a press release from Fresh Software Solutions. We don’t use their product and this is not an endorsement. We are only circulating because it represents yet another company that is developing products that take advantage of long-range RFID technology. Radio Frequency ID technology, in our view, will increasingly be used for assets that move in and out of range of secure facilities. Encryption will prevent copying a vehicles ID that is embedded on chip hidden on the vehicle. This is technology our government agencies need to adopt in war zones and high risk areas immediately. Vehicles that are authorized to enter will have IDs and those without IDs can be stopped a safe distance from facilities or areas that are potential targets.
My attitude has shifted somewhat in this area. I was opposed to RFID tagging to monitor vehicle movement but I now think it will increase efficiency, reduce random profile-dependent checks by police forces, and is reliable and cheap enough to be adopted widely. It can be implemented at entry points for facilities and areas in Afganistan, Chicago, Natal, New York, London, Berlin, pretty much anywhere with manned or unmanned barriers that need to allow or disallow access to areas that are the targets for terrorist acts or other criminal acts that utilize vehicles.
My view is that all vehicles will have RFIDs in the near future and this will make policing more efficient. Driving a stolen vehicle or rented vehicle to commit a crime will be more difficult. Furthermore, there will be products for surveillance that will allow for better information gathering and prevention of crimes. The focus should not be on terrorism alone. Local policing in New Zealand, a country that is under-policed by some measures, can be improved if stolen vehicles, which are used in a large number of burglaries, can be tracked more and stopped more quickly.
The day will come when your vehicle will automatically notify the police when it is stolen. It may even stop itself. Existing vehicles, if fitted with RFID as a mandated accessory, and stop lights will have antennas to pick up the RFID signal from these vehicles, will allow rapid transmission of information to local police patrolling those areas. Vehicle owners will be able to log into a site and report their vehicle stolen and this will trigger procedures to track that vehicle or disable the vehicle. It will take some for local governments to establish laws to govern the use of this technology, but the basic RFID data can, with existing laws that govern licensing and license plates, be used by police forces.
The need to randomly stop vehicles based on intuition will be reduced as the police will have instantaneous access to information on the vehicle and its owner. This will radically reduce the need to stop vehicles based on subjective criteria. Cameras in key locations can be activated when "hot" cars pass an area with surveillance for collecting evidence.
I realize this sounds intrusive, but the alternative is worse. Allowing chaos and crime to spiral out of control will destroy the fabric of society by eroding trust and increasing fear. Increasing fear is already an issue and one reason you see such high levels on spending on weapons and ammunition in the United States, a country where the citizenry’s rights to bear arms is enshrined. The Zombie Apocalypse has become cynical shorthand or at least a metaphor for what some fear is a coming age of chaos. We joke about it, but we are only half-joking. This fear can only be reduced by better and less heavy handed local policing.
I think South Africa is a more desperate case where these technologies could be critical efficient policing.
Bottom line, we need to accept the fact that vehicles can be used as weapons and are being used as weapons and tools for committing crimes. Just as an individual can not go and rent a bomb, or a 50mm machine gun (at least outside of Texas :), an individual should not be able to rent an anonymous vehicle to commit a crime. Rental vehicles need to have embedded IDs that can quickly transmit information to allow access to verified people and vehicles and disallow access when the criteria for access are not met.
This is the only way we will be able make the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz safe again. Get ready for the future and be glad for long range RFID.

Matthew Langenkamp
Accurate Security Engineering
Senior Security Engineer

"Fresh USA, Inc Launches Access Control Long Range RFID
Access Control RFID UHF

Fresh USA, Inc. a leader in integrated RFID software and hardware products, announced a new access control long range RFID solution.

CHICAGO, IL, USA, May 1, 2018 / — Fresh Software Solutions Launches Access Control Long Range RFID
Long range capabilities save time and money for customers in numerous industries

Chicago (May 01, 2018) – Fresh Software Solutions, a leader in integrated RFID software and hardware products, announced a new access control long range RFID solution that will bring convenience and speed to customers’ access control.

The new long range RFID eliminates the need for the access control chip to be next to or against the reader, which can streamline operations across industries. The new software allows for the chip to be programmed to be scanned anywhere from a few inches to up to 80 feet from the reader.

This long-range solution is a game changer for those businesses that already use RFID technology. RFID (radio frequency identification) is used to automatically identify and track tags, or chips, attached to objects, products or people. The scanner picks up information from the tags or chips and the information about the object or person is transmitted to the access control software, which enables access to doors, gates, machinery and more.

“While RFID has many applications and has been the standard for access control, we knew our customers needed even more convenience in their businesses,” says says Leri Tomin CEO Fresh USA, Inc. and their title of Fresh Software Solutions. “This product will make a big difference for many companies in speed and effectiveness.”

The technology is completely scalable, and can be used for large and small businesses or facilities. One example of a customer reaping big benefits is at the Geely automobile plant, where the long range RFID helps makes operations more efficient. The technology enables parts and equipment to be easily moved throughout the facility by automatically opening gates as needed. Chips are located inside a product, machinery or car itself and, when the object is within the range of the reader, the gate or door automatically opens. This eliminates the need for an employee to stop operations to open the gate or door and allows the process to continue, uninterrupted.

Not only can objects move more freely throughout the plant but people can as well. The chip can be stored in someone’s pocket and when the person is within range, can gain entry through locked barriers as needed. This hands-free solution speeds up work on the factory floor.

Factories aren’t the only place where the long range RFID solution can be useful. The technology is beneficial in warehouses for packing and shipping, in retail environments to deter theft and for employee access in a variety of businesses, offering both convenience and safety.

The Fresh Software Solutions hardware is available from various distributors and the software can be downloaded for free from the Fresh Software Solutions web site at:

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