“July is French Wine Month” Proves Too Attractive For Customers

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Want to see why you retail shop needs bollards? Check out these ram raid damages at Glengarry Wines

An Auckland security guard has been injured in one of two ram-raid incidents this week.

Police are investigating two separate incidents in which ram raiders targeted a liquor store and a shopping mall in the early hours of Monday morning.

The Glengarry Wines store on Ellerslie’s Main Highway shopping strip and the Royal Oak Mall both suffered extensive damage after cars drove through large window panes overnight on Sunday.

Police said a guard who had been inside the mall at the time of the incident suffered moderate injuries.


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Officers confirmed this afternoon they were investigating both ram-raid incidents.

Detective sergeant Scott Armstrong said: “The first ram raid occurred at an Ellerslie liquor store just before 1.30am and the second ram raid occurred at the Royal Oak mall at approximately 3am on Monday morning.”

Armstrong said police are continuing with their inquiries, which include investigating whether or not the two incidents are connected.

A school holiday magic show scheduled to take place was also cancelled due to the raid.

In a post on Facebook mall management apologised to customers, saying that unfortunately, due to an emergency situation, the Magic Maize and Fairy Flakes events had been cancelled.

A woman in a mall shop told the Herald an entrance to a large central foyer in the mall had been destroyed.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police immediately.