Locker locks – Accurate’s professional recommendations

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Locker Locks

Keya Range

The Keya brand has a wide variety of electronic locker locks with both keypads and proximity (swipe card) options. These electronic locks are ideal for sports centres, clinics, libraries, schools, and commercial offices. The most successful models are as follows:

Keya elock plus - locker locksKeya elock tronic plus locker lockskeya elock touch locker locks

The Keya Elock PlusTronic Plus, and Tronic Touch are three versatile and functional models. The locks have two function modes: regular user, and multi user. These Keya models also function very well in wet conditions. The batteries provide long life (30,000 cycles), and the lock itself is constructed of durable aluminium and plastic.  There are models that allow the locks to be integrated with an existing access control system.


SAG Elock Range

Accurate also sells the SAG Elock range of locks.  The SAG LS300 RFID and NFC lock offers keypad, proximity card, and near field communication options for users which makes it a very versatile option for sports and leisure centres, clinics and hospitals, libraries and museums, schools and universities, industry and administration, retail industry and commercial offices.

ls 300 SAG locker locks SAG ls300 2 locker locks