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Woman fears for family’s safety after animal attack stock image The Larson family plan on installing a security system after their rabbits were killed. GRAPHIC WARNING: Two pet bunnies were killed by either strangulation or blunt force, leaving a family fearing for their safety. Sharon Larson said she was installing a security camera on her property after the children’s rabbits – Cotton and Budd – were found dead on October 27. "They were already in rigor mortis when I found them." supplied Adriana Udjur says her chickens died after an attack overnight. The Auckland woman said the offender broke into the locked property and opened the pen to kill the rabbits. READ MORE: *Beloved dog saved after judge agrees injured animal’s attack was ‘exceptional’ *Pet sheep killed in second round of dog attacks (graphic content) *Jack russell put down after being attacked in front of owner while walking The exact reason for their death was not known, but the SPCA vet provided an explanation, she said. supplied Adriana Udjur said there was blood and feathers everywhere the next morning. "I was told someone possibly strangled them or smashed them against the fence." Police told her the offender was likely to be a local, she said. The mother-of-two said the "sick" incident was enough to indicate to her that safety was fast becoming a concern in West Auckland. supplied Adriana Udjur’s cat also died after the attack on her property. "Animal attacks are a precursor to serious crime. "This has made me nervous about the future [of our community]." She said police had advised her not to get more rabbits because her home had already been targeted. CHICKENS KILLED Dog attacks on family pets and chickens are also a concern, with more than 400 reported animal attacks in Auckland in 2017. A woman in Massey said she was left in tears and feeling traumatised after her cat and chickens died in a vicious attack. Adriana Ujdur woke to find 10 of her chickens had been killed and their limbs had been ripped apart on October 30. Two chickens were so severely injured their internal organs were exposed and they had to be put down. "There was blood and feathers everywhere." The family later discovered the family cat had also died of a broken neck. "She was up the road from us. I think she must have been chased." Ujdur said the nature of the injuries indicated it may have been a dog attack. She lived on the property with her daughter and her four young children. "Just imagine if a child was attacked." She said the irresponsible owner had cost Ujdur her animals. "Owners should make sure their dogs don’t harm anyone else’s pets." Auckland Council confirmed there had been hundreds of dog attacks this year. Manager field services animal management David Armstrong said they had investigated 423 dog attacks in 2017 alone. Ad Feedback AA Vehicle Inspections 11/8/2017 Woman fears for family’s safety after animal attack | 2/2 At 110 attacks, West Auckland accounted for nearly a quarter of these and was only second to South Auckland, where there had been 120 dog attacks. "The animals we have seen attacked include domestic animals like cats, sheep and other stock, poultry and protected wildlife," Armstrong said.