Need a padlock to keep large, valuable items safe?

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Padlocks- what they are, how they work, and our recommendations.

What is it?

A padlock is a portable lock used to restrict access to an area. It can also keep an object secure, and prevent it from being removed from an area. Padlocks are widely used in everyday life, for both low and high security installations. In popular use, padlocks are used on gates, fences, and chains to secure a wide variety of objects and areas.


How does it work?

Padlocks can use a variety of locking designs, but pin-tumbler mechanisms and warded mechanisms are the most common.

Pin Tumbler Mechanisms

A pin-tumbler is a cylinder-based lock that uses movable pins to prevent rotation of the plug. A key can be used to properly elevate pins, which then allow the plug to rotate and the locking bolt to be retracted.
The pin-tumbler is currently one of the most widely used lock designs in the world. Minor changes to the positions of pin-tumbler components are the basis for dimple and axial/tubular lock designs. Click here to watch an animated explanation.

Warded Mechanisms

A warded lock is a design of lock that uses obstructions (called wards) inside the keyway to prevent incorrect keys from being inserted in the lock. Warded locks only have two active components, a spring, and a lever. These are used to engage the locking bolt when the correct key is inserted. Warded locks are one of the oldest lock designs, but because of their inability to resist manipulation they are considered low-security by modern standards.


Which Padlock?

Padlocks are a very efficient method of providing security for valuable areas or objects, so at Accurate, our mission is to ensure you find a padlock which fits your needs.

Anchor Las Padlock

The Anchor Las 6375 Padlock is a model that is perfect for locking motorcycles, trucks, road barriers, and defence bunker pits. This padlock has Grade 4 hardened steel, and is made in Sweden, certified to the EN12320 & SSF014. The 6375 Padlock is an official SEEPL product. This means the SCEC has evaluated the padlock, and it meets the requirements for specialised high security products.