Perimeter Security Trends

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The below article is about a fencing solution provided by Jackson’s Fencing of the UK. You can take a look at the type of fencing provided and decide for yourself whether or not it meets aesthetic goals alluded to in the article, "…without appearing imposing or fortress-like."
I think it passes but just barely. There are actually more aesthetically interesting and pleasing options, but they may not be as cost effective.

As perimeter security technology improves, we need to be more demanding of our fencing suppliers. Perimeter security fencing can be aesthetically interesting and pleasing.

"Perimeter protection & better access control at Portsmouth Retail Park delivered using Euroguard from Jacksons fencing
By Security News Desk | May 3, 2018

Perimeter protection and improved access control is being delivered at a popular retail park in Portsmouth owing to EuroGuard from Jacksons fencing.

The UK perimeter solutions manufacturer won the tender to supply and install fencing and access control throughout the perimeter of the service area, and plant and bin stores. Perimeter protection was considered key given the potential for vandalism and anti-social behaviour, accidents, and theft. By ensuring better standards of access control, loading areas can be better protected, boosting operational efficiency and protecting businesses’ from financial loss and liability.

To fulfil the requirement to improve perimeter protection, as well as maintain aesthetic, 100m of Jacksons EuroGuard Regular fencing at 3m high was installed. Ideal for commercial properties, EuroGuard Regular is able to secure premises without appearing imposing or fortress-like. Its anti-climb design and vandal-proof panel to post fixings give the panels the strength and rigidity to effectively safeguard public and private spaces, deter potential intruders, or simply keep shoppers and young children out of harm’s way. The company also installed two single leaf and four double leaf EuroGuard swing gates, which seamlessly match the perimeter fencing.

Jacksons EuroGuard Regular security fencing

Development and construction firm Simons Group undertook the 70,000 sq. ft. build while Jacksons Fencing won the tender to supply and install fencing and access control for the perimeter of the service areas and plant and bin stores. Head of Commercial Sales at Jacksons Fencing Cris Francis, said: “Simons Group is one of the biggest names in retail construction and development, so this is a significant project for Jacksons, and testament to the high quality of our products and expertise of our team.”

Perimeter protection at Portsmouth Retail Park is the latest addition to Portsmouth City Council’s investment portfolio. The £17m development aims to generate up to £1m a year for local services, create jobs and contribute to the city’s revitalisation. Better access control is just part of such plan.

Brian Hodgkin, Commercial Manager at Simons Group, adds: “It’s obviously crucial that our projects are properly secured and we were pleased to work together with Jacksons to ensure security on the Portsmouth Retail park was of the highest standard.”