The release of this video might encourage others

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I watched this video and said to myself, “that was too easy to perpetrate, criminals are going to see this and be encouraged to try.”

The release of this video may lead

A sign on the door of the ANZ Bank on Wednesday reads, “A robbery took place at 1:00 pm”

Robbery note
Robbery at 1 pm

He is seen in the footage jumping over to the teller’s side of the counter and grabbing money before fleeing.

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CCTV footage of robbery at ANZ bank in Glenfield, Auckland on Wednesday afternoon.

Detective Senior Sergeant James Bothamley said the incident was “obviously very upsetting to the staff who were present throughout the incident”.

“They have managed the situation very well.”

Bothamley said police needed the public’s help to identify the man. Officers would also like to speak with the woman who walks in before the man in the video.

“She is not a person of interest however we believe she may be able to assist the investigation team.”

It comes after a dramatic encounter with the alleged robber for one nearby resident on Wednesday.

A resident of nearby Bentley Ave said she was having lunch when she saw a man walk down her neighbour’s driveway “huffing and puffing”.

“The next minute he knocked on the door. He said ‘excuse me, can you call me a cab’. I said ‘don’t you have a phone’. I didn’t think anything of it.”

The woman got her phone, went back out to the man and rang a cab.

She told him the cab wouldn’t be a minute and to go and wait on the roadside.

When she went to return her phone, the police came and the man tried to run into her house, she said.

“I just started screaming. I told him to get the f……. hell out.”

The man ran off and armed police stormed into her house.

“They told me to put my hands up. I said ‘I live here, I live here, a man has run out the back’.”

The police searched her house and told her to go stand out the front while they searched the property.

“I was freaking out.”

Bayview Primary was briefly put into lockdown as a result of the incident, but reopened about 3.30pm.

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