Security Alarms

Security Alarms

Accurate and It’s Solutions for Security Alarms

Accurate provides Security Alarms solutions to suit small to medium size enterprises that are looking to:

1.  Install a monitored alarm system for the first time and want to integrate with other security elements such as IP (Internet Protocol) based CCTV and wired or wireless access control.

2.  Replace an existing system with an integrated solution that can meet access control, CCTV and alarm (intruder and fire) requirements.

3.  Re-configure and upgrade a system that has been inherited with an acquisition.

Accurate provides advice and solutions that are tailored to specific situations, cost effective and take advantage of the remote operating capabilities of IP based technology.


Our professionals will analyze your situation and tell you what you can do to cost effectively protect your business from thieves and vandals.


Schools, Health sector and other Government Work


Protecting your facility, with our facilities.


Keep the bad guys out and let the right one’s in with our range of security products

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