Steel posts that prevent cars from smashing into your shop window (bollards)

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What are they?

Bollards are the steel posts you often see outside of shop windows, which prevent cars from smashing into a store. If that description isn’t clear enough, here’s an image:

steel posts-bollards

How do they work?

Bollards are just as simple as they seem. Bollards are built with strong metals such as steel, and are installed into concrete so they won’t be knocked out by cars. They offer physical protection for buildings, and can withstand high-impact collisions.

Why use bollards?

One of the most frequent crimes we here of at Accurate are smash-and-run robberies. Robbers drive their vehicles into the sides of glass shop-front windows so they can break in and easily steal valuable goods. This not only leads to inventory and money being stolen from the business, but thousands of dollars needed to replace the damage. Be smart, and prevent this from happening. Installing high-strength metal bollards is a cost-efficient and practical way to provide additional physical security to your business.

Check out this video of a truck driving into a bollard here.