Wireless Access Control – SALTO: for your home or business

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We believe wireless access control systems are the future.


At Accurate, we use SALTO wireless access control, which is the leading brand for the NZ market. SALTO is also one of the top five worldwide manufacturers of electronic access control. SALTO produces high quality products at affordable prices. With our many years of security engineering experience, we professionally recommend them and have yet to find fault in their advanced software.

Why go digital?

Wireless access control systems are increasingly popular for a reason. They are much more efficient, functional, and convenient than their traditional counterparts. Thanks to the improved technology of the SALTO electronic access control, schools, homes, and institutions can easily integrate wireless systems.

Wireless access control is exactly what it says it is- wireless! Installation of wire-free access control is much more cost and time efficient, and doesn’t require masses of wires which add bulk and complication.

Electronic access control means you can control all your locks online using just Ethernet or Wifi, though it is common to have an integration of both physical and digital keys.

SALTO wireless access control diagram and benefits


To receive a quote on SALTO wireless access control for your home or business, contact Accurate. You can do this via our website https://keys.co.nz or by calling (09) 262 3955.

You can also visit the SALTO website here, for more information on their product range and quality.