“Wolf ’s Law states that tissues in the body adapt to the loads placed upon them. Training breaks the body down. If the rate of recovery matches the rate of breakdown, the body will maintain its current state. To improve the connective tissues that make up the chassis, the load needs to be increased to some point. When the training load falls on either side of the optimal, the repair process is compromised. If the load is too high, such that the body cannot fully recover prior to the next workout, breakdown can occur. Likewise, too little activity can result in the body’s tissues becoming weaker. This is why simply resting doesn’t always yield stronger tissues. Further, not every tissue in the body adapts at the same rate. Sometimes the body needs to be assisted to help it repair correctly. Specific loading of tissues helps the body repair.”

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Excerpt From: Dicharry, Jay. “Anatomy for Runners.” Skyhorse Publishing, 2012. iBooks.
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