Yale Unveils Lock Designed for Nest Home Security System After a long delay, Yale has finally set a release date for its smart lock

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I am certain we are at just the beginning of the Wired Future. Of course some customers will be concerned about intrusion, electronic/digital intrusion, but I am more concerned about privacy issues to be dealt with when using Nest products or similar.

How much of your digital info is being used to market to you? This lock will make it very easy to know when you get home and when you leave each morning. There are certainly benefits to having a lock integrated into a home management system, but we must also consider the downside.
Typically, the discussion one has regarding digital locks involves their security from intruders. But I am increasingly more concerned about movement tracking and privacy.

When talking to an Allegion employee (the competition to Yale) he told me of buying a new house. When I asked him what locks he put on the doors, he told me he fitted a double sided deadbolt on the front door and a similar double sided lock for the ranch slider. Good old fashioned keys for getting into the house. This is despite being able to put any electronic lock in the Allegion product range on his doors.

At Accurate, we see many many models of electronic locks in use and there are certainly benefits — convenience and control. But when the locks get integrated into wireless IoT systems, it begs the question, are we giving up control? Giving up data that is better kept private? Do you want it to be possible for the monitoring of your daily movements? Not if you are journalist living in a the Philippines. Not if you are a high-net worth individual with small children at risk of being kidnapped.

As a locksmithing and security engineering company, we will be including this considerations in discussions with customers about wired IoT products. And these are to be distinguished from non-IoT electronic locks that are stand alone and not connected to a router / node.

"1/31/2018 Yale Unveils Lock Designed for Nest Home Security System – Security Sales & Integration

https://www.securitysales.com/automation/yale-lock-nest-home-security-system/ 2/19
collaboration with Nest at CES 2018.
January 09, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Last fall, the Nest Securehome security system made its debut,
featuring optional professional monitoring. At CES this year, the company announced it
would be collaborating with Yale Locks & Hardware for the new Nest x Yale key-free
touchscreen deadbolt lock.

1/31/2018 Yale Unveils Lock Designed for Nest Home Security System – Security Sales & Integration

https://www.securitysales.com/automation/yale-lock-nest-home-security-system/ 3/19
According to Yale, the new key-free touchscreen deadbolt smart door lock is
the latest product to harness the Nest platform. “It Works with Nest products that are controlled using the Nest app.”
“Yale and Nest collaborated closely to develop a lock that brings a new level of
security, convenience, and insight to the front door,” says Jason Williams, president,
ASSA ABLOY U.S. residential group.“With this product we are bringing to
market a smart door lock that takes fulladvantage of Nest’s leading ecosystem and
extends its capabilities with useful productintegrations.”
Yale explains that its newest smart lock unlocks and locks doors from anywhere,and it enables homeowners to create passcodes to manage access for family members and guests from the convenience of the Nest app. Yale says that users can set schedules for family members and guests, as well as automatically lock the door when they aren’t home, and they can view a history of who’s entered the door and the time they entered their homes. Related: How Nest
Yale & Nest Collaboration Eliminates Need for Keys
One of the major benefits of the new Nest x Yale key-free touchscreen deadbolt lock isthat homeowners no longer need to worry about losing their keys or the security
issues of having their keys stolen. Homeowners also don’t have to fumble for
their keys during dark and cold evenings looking to find
the correct key to unlock their homes because the lock holds as many as 250 codes that can be used and edited at any time. When integrated with Nest Secure security system, the Nest x Yale smart door lock can disarm the alarm system, and homeowners
with a Nest Hello Video Doorbell and Nest x
Yale lock can see who’s at the door and remotely unlock the door to let guests into
their homes.
If power and WiFi go down, or the phones become unavailable or dead, the Nest x Yale
lock can be opened by using the touchscreen. Nest’s Weave technology also
allows the lock to communicate with other Nest products without an Internet
Lock owners will also be notified as the battery life of the lock decreases. Yale adds
if the batteries were to go completely dead, the deadbolt can be powered by touching a
nine-volt battery to the terminals at the bottom of the lock.
Aesthetically, the Nest x Yale smart door lock replaces standard deadbolt locks, and
it employs a contemporary, low-prole design to complement a variety of home
Yale Locks & Hardware says it will begin
taking preorders for the the Nest x Yale smart door lock this February for delivery in March.